Anime Blog #009: Cliche Anime Trope – The Chosen One

Everytime we watch a new anime, we tend to anticipate these things about the characters, the storyline and the overall plot. Sometimes, we’re not even surprise that what we thought was right all along or eventually did happen. Why? Coz we’re familiar with these “cliches“.

Yep. We don’t mind seeing reoccurring scenario or common traits from people within the series. May it be good or bad or just plain so-so, we just got used to it and have enjoyed to ride the wave.

For example, the protagonist’s late for school and we see him running in a hurry with a bread toast in his mouth. Or we witness a freaking amount of blood oozing out of a pervert’s nostrils. Or we already knew that characters tend to name their techniques, shout it out loud while blasting their opponents. And many more.

Now why am I discussing these things? Well, because those mentioned above will set as a good introduction for our topic this month: The Chosen One.

Heroes of their own series were meant to save their worlds or to be the main focus of the story because of their unique abilities. Some were chosen because of their never-ending passion for what they do or what they wanted to achieve in life. These characters can either be overpowered even at the beginning or could potentially get stronger as the story progress.

But to make it relatable for everyone, let’s talk about things that could possibly happen in reality. I’m pretty sure after reading this month’s content, you’d probably tell yourself that at some point in life, you had experienced a thing or two from this list.

Imagine yourself one afternoon. You’re walking home from school when suddenly, a mysterious figure appeared in front of you. Covered with hood and cloak, he slowly approached you. He addressed you by your first name (or nickname) followed by the sentence, “You are the chosen one!”

Nah! That was creepy and doesn’t really happen to almost everyone but let’s admit it, that’s one of the most common things in anime: the main character (MC) will meet a mysterious character (most of them would eventually become their mentors) and will change their normal lives forever.

Just like what happened to Tsuna Sawada (MC) of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! The story begins when he came across with an infant hitman named Reborn. And you think this can’t get any weirder? Well, turned out that Tsuna was actually the great-great grandson of a notorious mafia boss from the Vongola family and he was chosen as the next leader of the said organization. And bizzare as it may seem but he will undergo the training of Reborn himself.

Another notable mentor who’s been shrouded in mystery was Silver Rayleigh from One Piece. He may not be a total stranger and little might be known about him but one thing’s for sure: he’s one of the strongest people in that world. Being the right hand man of the late pirate king, he had built a reputation throughout the years for himself.

In Sabaody Archipelago, he suddenly appeared, saving Zoro and the crew in just the nick of time. Surpisingly, he also agreed to train Luffy (MC) for two years before their most-awaited reunion.

Now, like what I said, these mysterious beings could sometimes be the mentor of the MC or an important person in the series. Their main purpose is to hone the talent of the MC, make the show more interesting or be there to spice things up. Some could either be an actual person like Wing from Hunter X Hunter or magical creatures like Majorika (who was turned into a frog) in Magical Doremi.

I’d say that in reality, we met different people in our lives and some of them gives off this mysterious vibe. And whenever we look back at some point in time, we knew that few of these “mysterious” people made a huge impact in our lives which made us who we are today.

Ever thought of being connected with the past? Could be a similar feeling from your previous life (if you believe in reincarnation) or simply finding a photograph of a person who shared a huge resemblance from you.

Well that’s what happened to Elie from Groove Adventure Rave. She stumbled upon an old portrait of a lady who looked exactly just like her. Known as Resha Valentine, a Symphonia dancer who possessed a powerful magic, it was later revealed that they are the exact same person all along. That was the missing piece of the puzzle about Elie’s lost memory.

Another heroine we may want to talk about is Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha. She accidentally fell off an ancient well from their backyard and the next thing she knew, she was mystically transported to the feaudal era. There she met the half-human, half demon Inuyasha and the moment that their eyes met, he automatically recognized her resemblance with his former lover, Kikyou. Later in the story, Kagome was believed to be the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyou herself.

There’s not really much to talk about this phenomenon but the next time you find a picture of someone who looks exactly like you, be aware. It could either be a distant relative or yourself from a different timeline.

In accordance with the previous topic, family background is one of the most important aspect in anime. Most are known like the proud saiyan race from Dragon Ball Z or the various clans in Naruto Shippuden. But some of the MC in anime didn’t really know where they came from or how their powers came to manifest.

Just like Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. He used to believe that he was just a normal teenager caught up with the tangled thread of fate when he met the Shinigami named Rukia. From here on, he embarked on an adventure he never thought would happened to him. And what makes it more complicated was the fact that he was probably been born to be a Shinigami all along.

At first, he was forced by Rukia to be a substitute Soul Reaper until she regains her strength but as the series progress, he was revealed to be *spoiler alert* a half Shinigami (from his father’s origin) and suprisingly, half Quincy (due to her mother’s heritage). That explains the inborn capability he have and why he was fit for the job.

Another character we may need to talk about is Yusuke Urameshi from Ghost Fighter. A close encounter with death turned him from a highschool delinquent to a spirit detective in an instant. Tasked by Koenma with different missions about the other world, Yusuke went from training his spiritual energy to fighting ruthless monsters.

After countless battles together with his colleagues, he came to face death the second time in the hands of a villain named Sensui. And when everyone thought that he was gone for good, he was ressurected by his demonic blood (which came from his great yokai ancestor, Raizen).

These things may sound absurd but if you think about it, either heroism or evil runs in the blood. We may not be aware of it but it’s possible that we could be direct descendants of ancient warriors from the colonization era or could be a distant relative of witches from the dark ages.

Probably the most common (and also the closest thing that could happen in real life) is having an animal companion. In anime, they could be pets with supernatural abilities or creatures who provides assistance in battle.

Let us take the relationship between Ash Ketchum and his best buddy Pikachu from Pokemon as an example. They have a strong bond thicker than any master-pet tandem. They went through countless battles and they seem to be sychronized with one another. And although Pikachu isn’t actually an animal, he could be considered as one since his dex entry states that he’s an electric rodent-like creature.

One more popular candidate from the shonen category would be Happy and Natsu Dragneel (MC) from Fairy Tail. They watch each others back like siblings and they fight along side one another. Happy isn’t your typical cat. And he would not only serve as a mere transportation due to his ability to fly but he also saved Natsu countless of times during dire situations. On the other hand, the latter is the type of person who would go against all odds to save his friends.

We all know our pets can’t do extraordinary things. They don’t breathe fire or turn pebbles to colorful objects but let’s admit it, they make our lives happier and more meaningful. Just like my dog who loves to wag his tail and lie down just to get his tummy rubbed. Through these simple acts, one can conclude that these animals would always be the best companions.

It was believed by many that some antiques and other old items could either be cursed or somehow possess magic powers. Even in anime, it’s a prominent aspect.

Heirlooms were passed down from one generation to another. Just like Takashi Natsume from the hit manga and anime, Natsume’s Book of Friends. Aside from the ability to see spirits, he also inherited a magical tome from her late grandmother, Reiko.

Within the book contains the names of different spirits her grandma formed contracts with when she was still alive. Natsume ended up releasing them to the mortal realm and it’s up to him to collect them back with the guidance of a spirit (in a form of a cat) he often calls Nyanko-sensei.

Another popular series with strangely powerful items would be Yu-Gi-Oh. Anyone who have seen the show might probably be familiar with the millennium items. The MC, Yugi Motou have one in his possession called the millennium puzzle, an artifact from the ancient Egypt which contained the spirit of the Pharaoh, Atem.

With his expertise, he was able to channel not only his spirit but also his dueling ability to Yugi (MC). In the present time, he was tagged as Yami and was able to help the MC with every duel monster battles they fought. It was fun to think that through this millennium item, someone from the past was able to make a connection with another person in the present and share his knowledge about the truth behind the popular card game they have today.

Most likely you have found something interesting during your childhood. It could be an old harmonica from your late grandfather or an empty jar which could be haunted by spirits. Who knows what story these items could tell, right?

Anyway, these are just few of the cliche things we usually find in anime, mostly is shonen category. So which of these things made you feel like a true anime protagonist? Lemme know in the comments. And of course, you can also share your own observations.

I don’t normally put a side note for my updates but I just want to say that this blog post was actually a late anime content from last month. So expect that this October, I will post another anime related blog. I am also looking forward to post another toon blog soon since I only had one so far. And that’s all from me, til next update.

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    1. Glad you’ve enjoyed this man. I was really cramming while writing this article. Haha been busy with work lately (and playing 7DS Grand Cross on my free time). ๐Ÿคฃ

      Anyway, I’ll try to make another anime review for this month, hopefull I can make it. And most likely, I have to make a schedule for posting my contents here very soon. ๐Ÿ˜

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      1. Totally understand ๐Ÿ˜ Back when I first started blogging, I would churn out a blog post immediately on Friday evening – but the quality of your post is far more impressive than what I would have done in those days. Keep it rockin’, looking forward to your new post! ๐Ÿ‘


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