Where is Warfheim?

Zup, guys? Warfheim here!

     I know, I know… I’ve been gone for more than a year and I have a lot of explaining to do. I was away with no anime posts or any other content. And with that, I would like to make an apology.

     To be honest, I got busy with work and life that I’m unable to bring myself to write for a while. And I’m uncertain if I’d be back with my regular updates just like before.

     I’m always busy (and stress at work) but during dayoff, I mostly sleep. Boring right? Haha but aside from that, I still watch anime (sometimes Netflix series like Lucifer or Titans). I also watch local rap battles (FlipTop) or play on my phone, may it be online (like 7 Deadly Sins: Grand Cross) or offline games (like Pokemon via 3DS emulators). And I read a lot of mangas lately.

     Not that a lot would care (since I don’t know if someone’s still waiting for me or even reading this blog) but if you wanna hang out or talk to me, feel free to DM in Instagram (@warfheim), you’d easily recognize me there.

     I just wanna say that I’ve enjoyed every bits and pieces of my life running this blog. I may not return for good (but I will surely keep this blog up/active). Who knows, maybe one day I find some time to update more contents or probably transition to another blog, right? But yeah, find me in IG and let’s have some chit-chat.

     By the way, big shout out to my fellow blogger (and first buddy here in Word Press), @TheTraditionalCatholicWeeb . I’d still read and support your blog. So for people looking for an active anime enthusiast, feel free to visit his works.

     That is all for me! Til next time!


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